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Sissy that walk and bring all your custom print looks to the runway with drag staples by deejers design.  create a fun collection of coordinated pieces, or a fun accent piece for something hanging in your closet you just haven't used in a while.  All of our garments and accessories are custom printed with you in mind, so check out the catalog, or click our golden button to start your design journey!

7 easy steps
to your next

custom look!


Complete the survey, pick the items for your catalog, upload all images of artwork and concept ideas for the design and pay the one time $50 design fee for your whole custom collection.


Wait approximately 3 business days for a sample to come via e-mail with images you supplied and artwork matching your notes from the survey.


Approve the designs submitted, or communicate changes through the designer.  We include 3 edits to the design before charging a $10 edit charge per additional change.


Get a link to your custom collection via e-mail and purchase the items you absolutely must have for your look through the Deejers Design Online Store.  Don't worry, only you get the link to your collection.


Wait approximately 3 weeks for your custom item(s) to arrive to your shipping address.


Open your package and enjoy your new gear.  Wear your fabulous collection on stage and off.


Tell your friends, and get a $20 design credit for additional products with each referral of a new customer you send to Drag Staples by Deejers Design

check out our catalog

if the shoe fits

heels 1.png
heels 2.png

SOme Like Tops

tops 1.png

others like bottoms

bottoms 1.png
bottom 3.png

dress you up

accessory 1.png
accessory 2.png
accessory 3.png


drag staples

established in 2013, deejers design has been a premier branding resource for lgbtyqia entertainment scense and businesses across the united states seeking a rich and robust


marketing presence.

in 2017, deejers design launched, a shopping experience for consumers and clients to purchase items featuring deejers design and collaborative entertainers apparel.  by 2018, the company launched photobags, a collection of travel merchandise and accessories for people seeking to create "memorable travel experiences".  In 2019, deejers design formally launched a custom screen print opportunity targeted to the lgbtqia entertainment scene, drag staples.  users are able to select items and contribute artwork to be layed out and designed by deejers design and the entertainer for captivating looks on stage and off.  the options include assorted one piece dresses, tops, bottoms, base dance costuming, and coordinated acessoties including small bags, and umbrellas.

deejers design has announced an intention to proceed with a mens collection of pieces targeted for a fall 2019 launch to compliment the initial collection of drag staples items.

dance it out

dance 1.png
dance 2.png

and accessorize that look

accessory 1.png
accessory 2.png
accessory 3.png

Oh, you wanted more?  Well that's all we have... for now. 


stay tuned...

in the mean time, be sure to check out

the custome print collection of travel accessories

by deejers design

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