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The Official Merchandise of Springfield Illinois' own Jaquelyn Knight

Hey ya'll! As you may already know, I qualified for a pageant system I fell in love with! Although I did not win Missouri All American Goddess, I still consider myself a winner because I put a package together the day of this pageant, leaving with nothing but confidence qualifying as 1st Alternate, winning category Interview. With that said, I am going to my first ever National pageant in June for AAG! I am not one to ask for money, but I promise all that is made from selling Knight Walker merch will help send me to Daytona in style, because without (you) my JDK friends&family I wouldn't be who I am today! I am going determined to make top 12!! I have such a great team behind me, and have no doubt in mind regardless of the outcome, I will leave happy and with knowledge about what to expect next year!! I am your... Knight Walker

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